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Mrs. Cammy Weiss » Welcome to 7th Grade Mathematics!

Welcome to 7th Grade Mathematics!

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! I am looking forward to getting to know all of my students and families this year! I have attached my current syllabus. It includes information about my website, Aeries and Class Dojo.

Please check the website often to keep updated on everything going on in math class. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Camille Weiss
Room 101

Recent Posts

Wednesday, August 26th

Student worked in the computer lab on Khan Academy. (
Their login is their e-mail (their ID
Their password is their birthday (xx/xx/xxxx)
They are working on the arithmetic mission.
Today we discussed the rules of adding integers.
Adding 2 positive integers:  just add and the sign will be positive
Adding 2 negative integers:  just add and the sign will be negative
Adding 1 negative and 1 positive integer:  just subtract and keep the sign of the larger number.
We also worked on a worksheet practicing adding integers.  It is uploaded in the homework section.

Friday, August 21st

It has been a great week.  Students did problem solving with the Carnival Bears Problem.  They also participated in team building with the Marshmallow Challenge.  Today, we started work on adding integers.  We will continue with this on Monday. 
Students also got started logging into Khan Academy.  We are all not quite set up yet, but after Tuesday, most students will be ready to go. 
Have a great weekend.  Hope to see you all at Back to School Night on Thursday!!

Tuesday, August 18th

Today, students received their 5 textbooks.  They received:
1.  Math Textbook (kept in math classroom)
2.  Math Practice Workbook (kept in math classroom)
3.  English Textbook (sent home)
4.  Science Textbook (sent home)
5.  Social Studies Textbook (sent home)
Today, students also started their math placement test.  This test does NOT count towards their grade.  It is simply a tool to ensure that students are placed in the correct math class.  If any changes need to be made to a student's schedule, it will be done either later this week, or early next week.  We will continue testing tomorrow.