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Mrs. Cammy Weiss » Welcome to 7th Grade Mathematics!

Welcome to 7th Grade Mathematics!

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! I am looking forward to getting to know all of my students and families this year! I have attached my current syllabus. It includes information about my website, Aeries and Class Dojo.

Please check the website often to keep updated on everything going on in math class. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Camille Weiss
Room 101

Recent Posts

Monday, September 21st

Today I passed back the packets that students had turned in on Friday.  This packet was worth 35 points.  I also returned their quizzes that they took on Friday.  The quiz was worth 50 points.  We went over the quiz today to make sure there were no questions before moving on to the next section of our textbook.
Students also received their grade printout on Friday.  If you did not get a chance to see this, make sure you ask your student about this.  All make up work is due on Wednesday in order for it to be counted on the next Advisory, which is on Friday.
Today we wrote our Cornell Note questions and summary for multiplying and dividing integers.  We then started taking notes on putting it all together (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers in more complex problems.) 
The module # 2 Test is scheduled for Thursday, September 24th.  It will be open note, so students should make sure they have all the material from this chapter.  They will also be able to use their multiplication table.  Students will receive their packet list on Wednesday and this packet will be due on Thursday.

Thursday, September 17th

Today student received the attached packet list.  The assignments on this list are due tomorrow.
Today students worked on pages 9 and 11 from their workbook.
They also worked on page 41 (#17-25) and page 47 (#20-27)
All of these pages are due tomorrow and should be included in their packet that will be turned in tomorrow.
There is also a Quiz on Multiplying and Dividing Integers tomorrow.  This Quiz is open note and they may use their multiplication chart for this quiz. 

Wednesday, September 16th

Today students watched a real world video on multiplying and dividing integers.
They took notes then completed the multiplying and dividing integers worksheet which is attached.
The Quiz on Multiplying and Dividing Integers will be on Friday and it is worth 50 points.  Students will receive their packet list tomorrow for assignments to be turned in on Friday.

Monday, September 14th

Today students received their Module #1 Tests back as well as their latest packets.  We went over the test today to make sure students understood their mistakes.  We also played an integer game based on adding and subtracting integers.  This game board will be turned in with their next packet. 
We will start on Multiplying and Dividing Integers tomorrow and their quiz on this will be on Friday. 

Thursday, Septment 10th

2nd and 4th period:
Homework:  Page 31 from textbook
6th period:
Homework:  Page 23 (#16 -21), Page 29 (#13 - 20) and Page 31 (all)
Module 1 Test is tomorrow.  It is open note, so please organize your notes and handouts.
Work packet list was given to students today.  Packet is to be put in the order given, stapled and turned in tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 9th

2nd and 4th periods: 
In class:  completed the worksheet on adding and subtracting integers
Homework tonight:  Page 23 #16-21 and Page 29 #13-20 from the textbook
6th period
In class:  completed page 5 from their practice workbook.
Homework tonight:  The worksheet on adding and subtracting integers

Tuesday, September 8th

Today students took further notes on subtracting integers.  Periods 2 and 4 worked on page 5 out of their practice workbook.  This page is due tomorrow.
Period 6 worked on the subtraction worksheet from Friday.  This was completed in class and they have no further homework. 
Students also worked on Khan Academy in the computer lab today.
4th period students:  If you have not returned your advisory card signed, please bring it to class tomorrow.

subtraction problems

Today 2nd period class took notes and worked on the subtraction problems worksheet.  This is to be completed and brought back to class on Tuesday.
4th period class finished up the rewriting subtraction problems worksheet, practiced calculator skills, then continued with notes and also worked on the subtraction problems worksheet.  This is to be completed and brought back to class on Tuesday.
6th period class finished up the rewriting subtraction problems worksheet and practiced calculator skills.  We will continue with notes and the subtraction problems worksheet on Tuesday.
All classes continued work on Khan Academy in the computer lab.
Students received their advisory cards today with all their current grades.  These cards are to be signed and brought back to school on Tuesday. 
Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

rewriting subtraction problems

Today we started on Subtracting Integers.  Students took notes and learned to translate a subtraction problem into an addition problem.  The handout will be turned in with their next quiz packet. 
Students also continued work on Khan Academy.

Tuesday, September 2nd

Today students received their quizzes back and we went over them during class. 
Today was the last day to turn in work if they wanted it to count towards their advisory grade.  I will have grades updated tonight.
We also worked on Khan Academy in the computer lab today.  Students may continue working on Khan Academy at home if they have access to internet.

Tuesday, September 1st

Happy September!  Today we went over yesterday's assignment.  Students also took their first quiz.  Quizzes are open note and I will try to have them graded by tomorrow.  Students also should have turned in their Quiz packet today. 
Reminder:  All make up work is due tomorrow!!
No homework tonight!  Relax and be ready to move on to Subtracting Integers tomorrow!

Monday, August 31st

Today we corrected Thursday's assignment on adding larger integers.
We added to our math notes then worked on today's assignment which focuses on applying what we have learned about adding integers. 
Today's assignment is in the textbook (pages 11 and 12 - do #18- #23)
                                                                  (page 17 - do all)
This assignment is due tomorrow (9/1)
Unfortunately there is no access to the online textbook yet.  I will keep you posted about this.
Students must also prepare their Quiz packet (the list was given to students today) and study for tomorrow's quiz.  Quizzes are open note, so students should have their math work organized.