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I' m Ms. Orellana and I teach Social Science. 

Student grades are broken down into three categories:

1.  Tests/Quizzes - 50%
Students need to get 75% or above on their tests.  If they do not, they need to come in to re-test within  a certain amount of time.  Students get a study guide to fill out and take home and study before the test.  Please be aware of when they have tests and help them study. 

2.Contribution 5%- This is being a positive contributor to the class. For example having good attendance, asking good questions, positive role model, etc.

3. Work- 45%
This is homework and classwork.  These vary because of the different topics that are covered. 

Attached is the syllabus- the paper I hand out the first day about what is needed, the rules, and what the class is about.