Tuesday, October 6th

Today we corrected yesterday's assignment on Adding and Subtracting Decimals.
Students then worked on the Fraction, Decimal,, Percent Art assignment.  They were to choose at least 4 colors and create a design on the grid.  The entire square must be colored (they could not just color 1/2 of a square)  Once their design was made, they were to record how many squares of each color were colored and represent that as a fraction, decimal and percent.    The fractions must be simplified. 
Students also received their packet list today.  There are some pages on the packet that they have not received yet.  The packet will be due on Thursday.  Thursday is also quiz day.  They quiz will be on Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers. 
Tomorrow I will be out of the classroom.  There will be a substitute covering my class.  Students will work on the book pages in the packet.