Monday, September 21st

Today I passed back the packets that students had turned in on Friday.  This packet was worth 35 points.  I also returned their quizzes that they took on Friday.  The quiz was worth 50 points.  We went over the quiz today to make sure there were no questions before moving on to the next section of our textbook.
Students also received their grade printout on Friday.  If you did not get a chance to see this, make sure you ask your student about this.  All make up work is due on Wednesday in order for it to be counted on the next Advisory, which is on Friday.
Today we wrote our Cornell Note questions and summary for multiplying and dividing integers.  We then started taking notes on putting it all together (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers in more complex problems.) 
The module # 2 Test is scheduled for Thursday, September 24th.  It will be open note, so students should make sure they have all the material from this chapter.  They will also be able to use their multiplication table.  Students will receive their packet list on Wednesday and this packet will be due on Thursday.