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Donations for Science Class

Blurb for Graves posting of Science project:

Ms. D. White, a long-term sub at GMS, has been working on a grant project for next year’s 8th grade Science classes:  Electric Motor Kits!

As of this week,

General Motors (the car company!) is matching every dollar donated to this project, so we need to raise $460.00

(they match that, dollar for dollar)

With your help: friends/family/community, you can help fund this through, please click on the link below:


With the Build Your Own Electric Motor kits, science students will see how a basic motor is the building block for the more advanced motors they see in their everyday lives.

They will work collaboratively in groups to create, test, and compare the effects of coil numbers and the varying strengths of magnets and their effects on motor speeds.

They will be able to test and collect real data using a simple multimeter - helping to expand their working knowledge of how things "run" and how they might be improved.

Hands-on activities bring the real world into the classroom and can encourage further high school engineering and robotics studies.