Progressive Discipline Plan Mrs. Vega-Jeter 2016/2017

To ensure that every student in my class has the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe classroom environment my students are expected to follow the following progressive discipline plan:

Classroom Rules:


  1. Come to school prepared!
  • This means with assignments that are due-completed, binder in order, that is, pencil pouch, 2 pencils & 1 pen, 1” of line paper, highlighters, post-it notes, pocket dividers, planner filled out properly and Chrome books charged—the AVID way!
  • Keep track of your academic progress via Aries/Google classroom daily.


  1. Students will not disrupt the learning process of the classroom. Do not say anything unless it is good to say! Follow directions the first time they are given. Listen when requested to do so.
  • This means take everything out of your hand, maintain eye contact with the speaker and close your mouth


Infraction Management (daily basis)

  • Verbal warning, name on board, loss of group points, call home, text or email



Positive: Good grades, Student of the Month, participation in all school wide privileges, field trips, incentive programs, Mind the Red, Advisory etc.


Negative: Poor grades, lost of privileges, Friday detention with Mr. Martinez (prior notification will be given) loss of school-wide privileges


Note: Your child will be sent to Mr. Martinez’s office when all other corrective measures fail.