Week 1/6/2014 - 1/10/2014

Monday 1/6

No School

Tuesday 1/7

  • What do you KNOW? What do you WANT to know? What did you LEARN?
  • What do you know about Medieval Times, King Arthur, The Plague, Lords and Ladies, Serfs and Peasants, etc.?

Homework: Missing Work

Wednesday 1/8

  • Middle Ages Vocabulary List # 1
    • Solve Crossword Puzzle (Discover Vocabulary)
    • Create a study sheet/flashcards for yourself

Homework: Create a study sheet/flashcards for yourself

Thursday 1/9

  • Gathering Information Practice
    • Article: After the Snow, comes the mud for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
    • Gathering Information Practice Handout Questions

Homework: Study Vocabulary for Quiz

Friday 1/10

  • Middle Ages Quiz # 1
  • Continue to work on Gathering Information Practice Handout

Homework: Finish Gathering Information Practice Handout